Latest Engagement Letters Book Available —13th edition

The 13th edition of the CPA's Guide to Effective Engagement Letters is now available for purchase from the publisher, CCH. Policyholders will receive a 20% discount from the publisher, and we will publish the order form including the discount on the Engagement Letter Resource Center of the Members-Only Site as soon as it is available.

The book includes access to all of the letters, the suggested wording, and the comments, along with risk management case studies. CAMICO policyholders will be able to access many of the letters from the Engagement Letter Resource Center on Members-Only Site at We anticipate the letters will be available on the site by late October. In the meantime, please contact the Loss Prevention Department at or 800.652.1772 to request updated letters.

The book has been updated throughout and includes the following highlights:

  • Updated language in tax engagement letters to address the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act ("Tax Act")
  • Other new tax letters, including income tax planning for businesses related to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act ("Tax Act")
  • Updated partnership and LLC engagement letters to address the new IRS partnership audit rules effective for partnership tax years beginning in 2018
  • Additional clauses for consideration to address issues related to virtual currency, use of third-party cloud service providers, and more
  • Latest enhancements to Section One: Financial Statements to comply with SSARSs requirements through SSARS No. 23
  • New letters including:
    • Rendering tax preparation services to a client in the cannabis industry
    • Client Warning Letter—Identity Theft designed to raise awareness and remind clients of the importance of being vigilant in order to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of identity theft

Also included in the 13th Edition are new and updated case studies. Several of them are offered in a multiple-choice format, with answers and feedback for incorrect responses. Topics include the following:

  • Test your cyber IQ
  • FBAR reporting
  • Potential data breach of tax files
  • Employee fraud
  • A set of three ethical dilemmas
  • Voicemail/email fraud and investment advisory services
  • Embezzlement involving a firm merger and audit services
  • Cyber breach with ransom attack

Be sure to visit the Engagement Letter Resource Center, located under "Resource Centers" on the CAMICO Members-Only Site. You’ll find tools and checklists that provide step-by-step guidance through the letter-writing process. The resource center also includes an engagement and disengagement letter checklist and links to 100+ sample engagement letters, including the new and revised letters.

For assistance, call 800.652.1772 and ask for the Loss Prevention department.

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